Jack Hammer Pokie

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As the popularity of online casino grows, so does the increase in their selection of games. Some Australian online players may find it overwhelming at times searching through countless casinos in search of the best game that suits them. So much so that there are few online casinos that can refer to themselves as truly Australian. All Australian Casino is one of those online casinos that has dedicated its functionality, games and services to players from Australia alone.

Being one of the best online Australian casinos, it is only natural that its games are considered among the best all Australian pokies. It is a known fact that the most popular games online are the pokies which are sometimes also referred to as slots and video slots. As both are virtual pokies, the main difference between them is the fact that slots are the standard fruit machines engaging simple game play and production. While on the other hand, video slots are pokies which have introduced a wider range in entertainment and extra game play. This means that each one of the video slots are unique in their own right enabling players to achieve high payouts while still sticking to the fun and entertaining element of any online game.

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All Australian casino offers Australian players a unique chance in playing some of the best All Australian Casino pokies which cannot be found in any other casino. Thanks to its collaboration with a well-known online gaming software company called Netent, it is able to provide players with a wide online choice of the most entertaining All Australian pokies in the market. One such pokie is the Jack Hammer pokie. This (otherwise referred to as a video slot) is a twenty five line, three-row poking which utilises fifteen independent reels. As in any Netent slot, the games provide an independent theme with characters and symbols linking this theme. The Jack Hammer pokie revolves around the theme of a private detective named Jack Hammer who investigates the disappearance of a woman kidnapped by the evil Dr. Wuten. Among the various characters and symbols that can be found within the game include Jack Hammer himself, the evil Dr. Wuten, a damsel in distress, a paper boy, a newspaper, a telephone, a car and many others. The graphics and animation used to produce the Jack Hammer pokie are similar to those of a comic book strip making the game simple and easy, however this is not the only feature that makes this pokie so unique. Alike any other Netent pokie, players are able to win large sums through the special features such as free spins, wild substitutions, scatter symbols. Among these, the Jack Hammer pokie also offers a feature that is only available in this game alone and that is the Sticky Win.

The Jack Hammer pokie free spins are activated when five or more free spin symbols in the form of a bomb appear anywhere on the reels with each round. The number of free spins activated will depend on the total number of free spin symbols that appear within the reels; five symbols will activate 10 free spins, six symbols will activate 15 free spins, seven symbols will activate 20 free spins, eight symbols will activate 25 free spins and nine to fifteen symbols will activate the maximum of 30 free spins. Each free spin is spun at exactly the same bet level and coin value as the spin which activated the free spins in the first place. However the free spins do not end there. During the free spins feature, players are also able to win additional free spins when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. Any wins produced from the free spins will be totalled at the end of the feature and tripled. In order to obtain the maximum fifteen free spins, players have a chance of doing so through the sticky win. The sticky win is a Jack Hammer pokie feature which means that whenever there is a winning bet line or three or more free spin symbols, the sticky win will automatically be triggered. Once this is done, as the name suggests, the winning symbols and line will be stuck or otherwise frozen into place while the rest of the reels continue spinning for free. As this happens any additional winning symbols will also freeze per turn until there are no more wins and the reels stop spinning. Once the reels stop, the player will receive the total wins from the winning symbols. The highest pay out combination is of the character Jack Hammer, while the lost pay out combination is the poisonous flask symbol. For further information, players can refer to the payout table available in the game itself.

Australian online players are able to place as many bets as they like within the Jack Hammer pokie ranging from a one to ten bet level. The various coin values available are in Australian dollars which enables players to play in their currency without the need of exchange rates coming in their way. This is what makes these All Australian pokies so extraordinary. Another important feature that enables a user friendly environment is the fact that if any players are unsure of how to play All Australian pokies or are simply unfamiliar with the game, they are able to practice it in free mode. This enables players to simply click on the game without registering or logging into their existing account and the game will automatically and immediately open with a substantial amount of free credit in Australian dollars. Once this is done, Australian online players are able to play for as long as they desire as the amount can be refreshed each time the game is renewed. The Jack Hammer pokie is also available in this mode and once players desire to begin winning real money they may do so through play in real mode once they have logged into an account. These are among the many features that make the All Australian Casino pokies such as the Jack Hammer pokie the best choice for online casino enthusiasts.