Boom Brothers Pokie

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It can sometimes be very easy to get lost among the countless games, and especially pokies being offered by the ever growing list of online casinos. But there at least one Australian online casino that offers the best pokies in the market in a website fully dedicated to players who are residents of Australia alone and this is called All Australian Casino.

The All Australian Casino Pokies are considered the most popular pokies found in one place. In this manner Australian online players are able to stay in one place while getting the full satisfaction of all they would expect to gain from the best All Australian pokies. Such pokies otherwise referred to as slots or video slots are a production of one of the most well-known and highly recommended online gaming software companies in the industry called Netent. It is thanks to this collaboration that makes these online Australian pokies an excellent choice for any Australian online player who is looking for a game with a difference. Among many of the popular video slots or pokies include Blood Suckers, Jack Hammer, the Alien Robots pokie and of course the Boom Brothers pokie. But no matter the All Australian pokies selected by the player they will be able to receive a wide choice of features which make the online gaming experience that much more fun and entertaining. Alike most Netent All Australian casino pokies, they offer features and unique individual themes that can only be found among video slots. These features include free spins, wild substitutions, scatter symbols and an off the reel mini bonus games that can only be found among specific pokies such as the Boom Brothers pokie.

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The Boom Brothers pokie comprises of five reels with twenty bet lines and is based on the theme of three dwarf brothers who blast their way through caves in search of precious stones. Just like the Boom brothers, Australian online players play this game in search of high payout combinations which give them a chance of winning large sums. Complimenting this particular theme, the reels include characters and symbols such as metal busts of the individual boom brother, axes, lanterns, buckets, helmets and of course wild substitutions symbols, free spin symbols and the railtrack symbol (more information about this particular symbol will provided a little later on) as well as a second chance feature that is only available in the Boom Brothers pokie. In order for Australian online players to activate the free spins feature, they must spin reels containing three or more Free Spins symbols which should appear randomly on any reel. A player will then have the chance of winning between 8 and 50 free spins which will randomly be revealed by the free spin symbols. It is important to note that once these free spins are activated, they are played at the same betting level and lines as the spin which activated the free spins in the first place. But the best part is that any wins obtained from the free spins are triples and allocated to the player once they have been totalled at the end of the free spins feature. But the free spins need not end there, as players are able to win additional free spins during this feature when free spin symbols appear on reels 3, 4 and 5. Another important and interesting feature to be found within the Boom Brothers pokie is that while the player is playing the main reel game, a second chance feature can be activated at random and at any point in time during the game. This means that a player need not necessarily obtain a winning line for this feature to be activated and it may or may not happen each time the player spins the reels.

On the other hand, the Boom Brothers pokie also offers players an alternative game to the standard reel main game. This is the off the reel bonus game which is activated by the Railtrack feature. The railtrack feature will commence when the player spins the reels and 3 railtrack symbols appear anywhere on an active bet line on reels 1, 2 and 3. When this happens, the symbols will automatically align and set the additional two remaining reels spinning until two more railtracks appear in order to complete the rail. If this does not happen, then the player will continue the main reel game and wins double the amount bet. If on the other hand, the player manages to spin just one additional railtrack then the player is also diverted back to the main game but wins triple the amount bet. If the railtrack is complete, the Australian online player is diverted to the off reel mini bonus game by one of the dwarf brothers crossing this track. Once the boom brother has crossed the track, the player is diverted to a separate screen where they will view the three dwarf brothers in carts on individual tracks parallel to one another. Each one of these tracks leads to a precious stone; diamonds, rubies and gold. As the bottom of the same screen players will view three individual carts which give players the chance to select any of these carts. Within each of these carts is either a diamond, ruby or gold bar. Depending on the cart selected and the stone revealed, players will lead the dwarf brothers whose track leads to that particular stone to move a specific amount of spaces (maximum amount of spaces which the cart can move within each round is three). It takes five steps for a brother to move to their corresponding stone. The first brother to reach the end of the track and to the rock face where the precious stones are located will in turn reveal the total amount of bonus coins won by the mini bonus game. Once the game is completed, players are then diverted back to the main reel game to continue their spins.

The Boom Brothers pokie is available to be played in both real and free mode. The free mode offers Australian online players the ability to practice and better acquaint themselves before committing to real money play. This mode may only be accessed when players are logged out of an account therefore not necessarily needing players to have registered for an account beforehand. Real mode on the other hand may only be played with players real money balance once they have logged into their own account.